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I will be interviewed on @foxandfriends at 7:30 A.M. Enjoy!

RT @RealLifeStarman: “We are going to go to the moon, we are going to have a base on the moon, we are going to send people to mars and make…

A great race run by Roger against a very tough and smart opponent. Roger loves Kansas and will represent it incredibly well. He has my Complete and Total Endorsement. Will be a Big Win on November 3rd. This is not the opponent the Democrats wanted!

There is TREMENDOUS Lawlessness in America’s Liberal Cities. Would be so easy to stop but they have a clouded vision of what should be done. They are indoctrinated with a philosophy which will never work, a philosophy which would destroy America. Portland would be the norm!

RT @WhiteHouse: LIVE: President @realDonaldTrump holds a news conference