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In just 3 and a half years, we have secured America’s Borders, rebuilt the awesome power of the U.S. Military, obliterated the ISIS caliphate, fixed our disastrous Trade Deals, and brought JOBS back home to America – and back to MINNESOTA! #MAGA

I want to defend & preserve our nation’s historic values. Our opponents stand with rioters – I stand with the heroes of Law Enforcement. Biden says Antifa is just an idea. Ideas don’t assault cops & burn down buildings. Antifa is a domestic terrorist org.

Comey is a disaster who cheated and lied. How do you write books when you can’t remember anything? Should be tried for treason. This is ridiculous!

RT @paulsperry_: all this memory loss and out-of-the-loop i dunnos is strange for a guy who took copious notes after playing a case agent s…

RT @LindseyGrahamSC: Great news for South Carolina and a compliment to the @weareboeingsc workforce!

This would never have come to pass ha…