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Our ECONOMY is now surging back faster, better, bigger and stronger than any nation on earth. We just had the best quarter of ECONOMIC GROWTH EVER recorded – a 33.1% increase, and next year will be the GREATEST ECONOMIC YEAR in the history of our Country!

I ran for office 4 years ago because I could not sit by & watch any longer as a small group of Washington Insiders continued to get rich bleeding America Dry. No one embodies this betrayal & treachery more than Joe Biden. Joe profited from the misery he unleashed on PA workers!

Pennsylvania is where the story of American Independence began – it is the state where the American Constitution was signed – and 3 days from now this is the state that will SAVE THE AMERICAN DREAM! A great RED WAVE is forming!

Will be making a special speech in Pennsylvania at 12:30 P.M. Eastern!

Gallup: 56% of the U.S. is more satisfied with conditions now, even during a pandemic (we are rounding the turn!), than they were 4 years ago under Obama/Biden. Hasn’t been equaled in recent times!