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This election is a choice between the AMERICAN DREAM and a SOCIALIST NIGHTMARE. Our opponents want to turn America into Communist Cuba or Socialist Venezuela. As long as I am President, America will NEVER be a socialist Country!

A 3 day extension for Pennsylvania is a disaster for our Nation, and for Pennsylvania itself. The Democrats are trying to steal this Election. We have to get out and VOTE in even larger numbers. The Great Red Wave is coming!!!

Weekly Jobless Claims just hit a 7 month low!

So it turns out that the wise guy promoted as “Anonymous” by the @nytimes, named Miles Taylor (who I never even heard of!), was only a little known “staffer” as opposed to a “Senior Administration Official”. He then scammed @CNN, lied to @andersoncooper, & got a job there….

RT @ByronYork: Important to note that Miles Taylor was not DHS chief of staff on September 5, 2018, when he published ‘Anonymous’ op-ed in…