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As the US election enters its final stages, President Donald Trump’s campaign has reached a frenetic pace since he left hospital last week. Joe Biden, in contrast, has no public events on his schedule. Please subscribe HERE

Two weeks today is officially election day in the United States – and more than 30 million voters have already made their choice in early postal voting.

While the president is hopping round the battleground states in a blur of rallies and interviews, his Democratic challenger Joe Biden has no events or interviews planned for this week, ahead of the final debate in Nashville on 22 October.

Part of his reluctance to appear in public is of course the pandemic that is still raging across America. But it also means he is avoiding tough questions that risk upsetting the competing wings of his party – who are currently united on one policy: getting rid of Donald Trump.

US Correspondent David Grossman reports from Washington on what we know and don’t know about Joe Biden’s plans for government. 

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