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Biden will terminate school choice, eliminate charter schools, defund religious schools, ban prayer in public schools, indoctrinate your children with Anti-American lies, and force you to subsidize extreme late-term abortion. We believe that every child is a Sacred Gift from God!

Biden did a very POOR job of handling H1N1 Swine Flu, yet all he talks about is Covid, Covid, Covid, like he would actually know what he is doing. He doesn’t. Plus, he would be TERRIBLE with the Economy!

Chris Wallace of @FoxNews, by far the lowest rated of the Sunday morning news programs, can’t get over his poor debate performance, probably even worse than Sleepy Joe’s. His show is a total “hit job” on your favorite President, me!

Biden is a proven Castro puppet! Vote TRUMP

GOP Rep. Jordan: Trump Winning Margin ‘Is Going to Be So Strong‘ — ‘It‘s Going to Be a No-Doubter‘ via @BreitbartNews