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This is part 2 of our 2020 Election video series. Watch part 1 (Do All Trump Voters Think the Same: and to conclude the series we will be releasing MIDDLE GROUND: Trump voters vs Biden voters. Subscribe so you don’t miss it!

With the 2020 presidential election approaching and politics becoming increasingly polarized in the U.S., we’re releasing a series of videos highlighting perspectives from both sides. The views expressed by cast members in this video do not reflect the views or opinions of Jubilee Media. Below are links to studies that explore some of the issues referenced in this discussion. These studies also do not reflect the views or opinions of Jubilee Media. We encourage you to do your own research, respect opinions that don’t align with your own and to embrace empathy.

Prenatal Development & US Law
ACLU Opinion:
Newsweek Opinion:
PBS News Hour Article:
The Atlantic Article:
Gallup Polls on Abortion:

Amy Coney Barrett & Roe v. Wade
FiveThirtyEight Article:
NPR Report:
Fox News Opinion Article:

1994 Crime Bill
The Atlantic article:
Fox News (2016):

Defunding the Police
Podcast on Recent Events in Minneapolis:
ACLU Opinion:
VOX Article:
Seattle Times Opinion:
Wikipedia Breakdown:

Warren’s Wealth Tax Proposal
Tax Foundation Analysis:
Business Insider Article:
NPR Report:

Social Services in EU vs US
US News Article:
Wikipedia Breakdown:
Infographics Video:
Heritage Foundation Video:

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0:00 Intro
0:49 Cast Intros
1:56 I’m more anti-Trump than pro-Biden
4:08 Joe Biden is too old to be president
5:22 I believe abortion is a human right
7:37 Joe Biden has a racist past
9:44 Police departments should be defunded
13:35 I am open to conservative ideas
17:01 I believe Joe Biden will win this election

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