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President Donald Trump will “win in a landslide” on the basis of his new pitch which is to spruik the fact that he’s had the coronavirus and as far as he’s concerned, “you fight it, you live with it, you get on with it,” according to Rowan Dean.

“Rest assured he’s going to win, he’s going to win in a landslide,” Mr Dean said.

He said the electoral college map after the November election will be “basically all red” apart from small sections in the north eastern corridor, the west coast, and a “blob of blue which is Colorado”.

“Other than that, it’s all red. He only needs 270 college votes. He’s going to get well over 300,” Mr Dean said.

Mr Dean said the current polls indicating Joe Biden will win comfortably cannot be trusted.

“Polls are just propaganda for the media to sell the Biden message”.

“When Donald Trump fights, Donald Trump wins.

“The choice now for the American people is a leader who’s determined now to get the economy back.

“Or this character wandering around in a black mask miserable and depressed the whole time.

“The public loves a winner, the public loves a fighter.”