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Just landed in Florida. WOW, what a crowd, MASSIVE! Going to win FLORIDA BIG!! Live on @FoxNews, @OANN, and @cspan! #MAGA

We are providing better care, and more choice, at lower cost. We are delivering a healthier, safer, brighter, and more prosperous future for EVERY citizen in our magnificent land – because we are proudly putting AMERICA FIRST!

Sleepy Joe Biden just closed down his campaign for the day (Again). Wants to rest! He is a very LOW ENERGY INDIVIDUAL, and our Country cannot make it in these exciting, but complex and competitive times, with a Low Energy President !!!

RT @MamaFrann: @JasonMillerinDC @OANN @realDonaldTrump I love OANN! ❤🇺🇲

But, Right Side Broadcasting Network on YouTube is also covering t…

RT @dagenmcdowell: NEWS! Johnson & Johnson Begins Final-Stage Testing of SINGLE-SHOT Covid-19 Vaccine. The 4th Phase III trial for a Covid…