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U.S. President Donald Trump touted the economy after 1.8 million jobs were added in the month of July as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to stall hiring and slowing an economic rebound.

While some businesses have rehired employees, others have appeared reluctant or unable to hire as confirmed cases of the coronavirus are still elevated in much of the country.

Trump’s news conference came just hours after Democrats in Congress and White House officials were still unable to come to a deal on a critical stimulus bill to help Ameicans out of work. The president said if a deal isn’t made soon, he would use executive orders to help delay the payroll tax, extend the moratorium on evictions in the country, and expand unemployment benefits.

The president also spoke about the explosions in Beirut on Tuesday, saying he had spoken with Lebanese President Michel Aoun earlier in the day to inform him three large aircraft were “on the way” to bring medical supplies, food and water to the city, adding emergency responders were also heading to Beirut.

Asked about reports that intelligence officials believe Russia is using a variety of measures to discredit and denigrate former vice-president and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden ahead of the presidential election, Trump said they need to watch “all of them,” also referring to China and Iran. Intelligence officials also say they believe China does not want Trump to win the 2020 presidential election, to which Trump said if Biden wins, “China would own our country.”


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